Wall of Sharks in Fakarava - Tahiti Tourisme © Grégory LecoeurWall of Sharks in Fakarava - Tahiti Tourisme
©Wall of Sharks in Fakarava - Tahiti Tourisme|Grégory Lecoeur
A spectacular dive

The wall of sharks in Fakarava

Diving in the Tuamotu Islands

Sharks in the Unesco biosphere reserve

If you’re looking for thrills, then they don’t come much bigger than a dive in the southern pass at Fakarava. You’ll be confronted by such a vast number of sharks that they almost form a solid wall in the middle of the ocean. A chance to observe a truly impressive and unique sight.


" Une rencontre impressionnante. Une de mes plus belles plongées. "

Lords of the sea, kings of the pass

Tetamanu, just an hour by boat from the main village, is the place to go for an experience that you will never forget. Not ever! The moderate current at the southern pass of Fakarava offers ideal conditions for sharks and above all, an endless supply of food. They gather to rest during the day and form an immense ‘wall of sharks’. An impressive and slightly unnerving sight even for the most experienced divers. Be careful, at night they go hunting!

Drop into the pass on the ocean side of the reef when the current is incoming. Then you just let yourself drift along the reef, carefully holding on from time to time so that you can appreciate the breathtaking beauty of your surroundings. The current will eventually take you to a magnificent coral garden where you can marvel at the wondrous display of blue, mauve, yellow and orange coral.

A unique concentration

Of all kinds of marine life

If the gray sharks are the kings of the pass, you’ll be able to observe an astounding variety of other fish as well:...