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Take part in the Tere ‘A’ati in Rurutu

A tour of the island

A festivity for the whole island

At the beginning of January the whole population comes together for a tour of the island. A festivity for young and old alike, it’s a day of music, fun and tradition.


'The island’s three main villages, Moerai, Avera and Hauti, take it in turn to organize the annual Tere ‘A'ati.'

A festive procession

A veritable tradition, the Tere ‘A’ati is the number one festivity on the island of Rurutu. Held during the first week of January, the whole population comes together for a tour of the island. On horseback, by bike, in decorated cars, crowned with flowers and colorfully dressed, the procession sets off, stopping occasionally for the wise elders to tell a few tales and legends to the younger participants.Longer halts are made in each of the three main villages, where men and women take part in traditional sports such as stone-lifting. And all day long the singing and dancing continues in the festive atmosphere.

When evening comes, the festivities carry on and everybody gathers for a huge meal organized by the host village.
If you’re lucky enough to be in Rurutu in January, ask at your accommodation if you can join in the fun. Listen to the singing, the himene, enjoy the traditional dancing, admire the costumes, specially made for the occasion. There is no better occasion to immerse yourself in the traditional way of life of Rurutu.


A rich heritage

Stone lifting, traditional song and dance, craftwork. Discover the rich heritage of Rurutu.
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