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Getting to Moorea

How to get here

From the other islands of the Society, it is possible to make a private transfer by helicopter from and to Moorea.

It is possible to charter a flight to Tahiti.

Several ferries share the coveted berths at the Ferry Terminal. The connection between Tahiti and Moorea, the sister island, is provided by the Aremiti 6, Aremiti Ferry 2 (of the Aremiti company), Terevau and Vaeara’i ferries.

Pleasure charters have the particularity of being able to drop anchor on all the islands of French Polynesia, and Moorea is no exception.

Getting around on Moorea

  • Getting to Moorea from Tahiti is very easy. Either by plane or ferry (1/2 hour) the crossings are fast and frequent. There are many dolphins in the passes of Moorea and you’ll often see them playing alongside the ferry as it approaches. If you’re lucky, you might also be able to admire a whale or two in the right season.
  • From the port of Vaiare or the airport at Temae, there are various transport options if you don’t have your own vehicle.
  • There are several car, scooter and bike rental companies. Taxis and private transfers should be arranged when you reserve your accommodation. The bus service isn’t the most reliable and only goes around the coast road. The bus leaves from the port at Vaiare.

The tarif is 300 FCFP per adult and 150 FCFP for a child. The first departure is at 04h00 each day, from in front of the small shopping center and the quay at Vaiare (1 bus for the east coast and 1 for the west coast).

Departure times from the shopping center (4:00am – 5:15am – 7:45am – 12:00pm – 3:30pm)

Departure times from the quay at  Vaiare (08:30am – 1:15pm – 4:30pm – 6:00pm).

The return trip east or west usually takes about 30 minutes.



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