© Myles McguinnessCoral nursery frame of the Coral Gardeners - Tahiti Tourisme
©Coral nursery frame of the Coral Gardeners - Tahiti Tourisme|Myles Mcguinness

Adopt a coral

Gardeners of the lagoon

Planting and growing

Want to help save the coral reef? Well, you can contribute by adopting a coral. Founded in 2017, the association Coral Gardeners will plant your adopted coral in Moorea’s coral reef.

Coral Gardeners

Jack Johnson, Vaimalama Chaves and Mareva Galanter are all "ambassadors" of the association, Coral Gardeners.

Super corals

The results of scientific studies indicated that coral could completely disappear by the year 2050 if nothing is done to save it. So a young Polynesian decided that it was time to act. While surfing, he’d noticed that much of the coral was white and dying, so in 2017 he formed the association, Coral Gardeners. The aim was to create an underwater nursery where coral could be planted and cultivated before being transferred back to the coral reef. Coral Gardeners offer you the opportunity to adopt a piece of coral. Your contribution will help them continue their efforts to protect and preserve our environment.

Since 2020, you can adopt a super coral from Coral Gardeners. This is a coral that has survived the whitening caused by increasing sea temperatures and is thus more resistant. Once adopted, you will receive a certificate and a map showing its location on the reef and Coral Gardeners will keep you informed of its progress and development.


Eco-friendly actions


A choice of super coral

Coral Gardeners have a choice of highly resistant super corals that you can adopt, including: Acropora Muricata,...