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The Islands of Tahiti


Whether you’re diving in the lagoon, out on the reef, or in one of the passes, and whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned diver, you are in for a treat! In the crystal clear, warm water, you’ll delight in the glorious colors of the coral and the profusion of so many species of fish. So put on your fins on and get in the water. We’re taking you for a dive!


Rangiroa, a mecca for divers

They’re friendly, playful and absolutely adorable. So they certainly deserve a special mention. They, of course, are the dolphins of Rangiroa. It’s highly likely that you’ll see them at play, especially if you swim towards the famous Tiputa pass. Another famous pass is Avatoru, but its fame is due to the barracudas, silver tip sharks and the shoals of jackfish that abound there. Whatever your level, Rangiroa is the place to go if you love sport.


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Fakarava, the realm of sharks

To the south of Fakarava for a unique experience. At Tetamanu pass, the gentle current provides perfect conditions for sharks, and a well-stocked food store too! During the daytime, the sharks gather to rest. They form a gray ‘wall of sharks‘, a spectacular sight for any diver. Drop in the water on the ocean side of the reef during the incoming current, then drift along the reef (paying careful attention not to harm the coral!) and admire the display as the current sweeps you gently to a magnificent coral garden. You want more? Then go north to Garuae, reputed to be one of the very best dive sites in the world. Stretching over 1600m, it is also the largest pass in French Polynesia. Thrills and excitement guaranteed in the face of such a large quantity of sharks, including silver tip, hammerhead and some even bigger species. You’ll pass fields of multi-colored corals and a multitude of fish of all shapes and sizes, including Napoleon fish. And in November, on the exterior side of the reef you’ll almost certainly come face to face with the majestic manta ray.


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Among the shoals in Tikehau

Commander Cousteau said that the lagoon of Tikehau had the most fish in The Islands of Tahiti. And when you dive there you’ll probably agree as you observe the incredible abundance of fish: schools of barracudas, shoals of jackfish, conger eels, Napoleon fish as well as manta rays. In Tikehau’s only pass, Tuheiava, you will hardly believe your eyes as you swim through one of diving’s most thrilling spectacles. And for coral enthusiasts, the Aramu ramu dive site offers a wondrous display and is an easy dive for beginners.


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Swim with lemon sharks in Moorea

Fancy a rush of adrenaline? Then take a dive at Opunohu pass in Moorea and you’ll get all the thrills you need! You’ll be surrounded by sharks of all sizes, including the magnificent and very big lemon shark, with a sucker fish or two for company. No stress!

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Visit the wreck of the Nordby at Raiatea

A dive to the wreck of the Nordby at Raiatea is possible for everyone. The 50m three-masted ship, which sank in 1900, lies at a depth of just 30m. Anchored with its chain too short, the ship broke free and began to drift, before striking a rocky drop-off and going down. The metal hull and rigging are still intact and two of the three masts can still be seen. You’ll be accompanied by some angelfish and a few jackfish. Dive at night, it adds to the thrill.


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Fly with the manta rays in Maupiti

Manta rays are the stars of Maupiti. And of course, the stars always shine! To enjoy this wondrous sight, we suggest that you go for a dive in Maupiti’s lagoon in the morning. You’ll find the manta rays on their favorite patch of coral where they come to let the tiny cleaner wrasses breakfast on their parasites and dead skin. You can freely observe and admire these most majestic of all the creatures in the ocean.

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Explore the lagoon of Bora Bora

How about a dive in the most beautiful lagoon of them all? The water is warm and crystal clear and this vast natural swimming pool is also a magnificent aquarium. You don’t need to be a pro to dive there and observe the ballet of manta rays and stingrays. They’re very much at home in Bora Bora‘s lagoon, as are the Napoleon fish, the parrot fish and the adorable nemo fish. And you’re sure to feel at home there, too!

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Admire the coral at Tubuai

If you’re looking for a more personal and private diving experience, then perhaps Tubuai is the island for you. You’ll find an incredibly diverse and well-preserved coral and from July to November, the island’s only other main visitors are… humpback whales! Remember to bring a dive-suit 5mm thick during the southern winter.

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Meet the sea turtles of Tahiti

You don’t have to go out to the islands to dive, because you can have some wonderful encounters in the waters around. And what is more wonderful than a sea turtle? There are several spots where you are almost sure to meet them. You won’t be disappointed  if your dive group goes to La Source or the Plateau aux tortues, a dive spot which certainly lives up to its name!

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Dive in the Land of Men, the Marquesas Islands

Diving in the Marquesas Islands is a unique experience. The archipelago is an underwater sanctuary, where each dive is a memorable occasion with its own share of surprises. A ballet of manta rays and hammerhead sharks, among archeological sites with stone sculptures.

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Discover another side to nature in Huahine

Huahine is known as an authentic, natural island and her waters are exactly the same. The true diversity of nature abounds in her coral reefs, drop-offs, underwater caves, sandbanks and passes. So don’t hesitate, there’s so much to discover.

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