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Fruit juices and spirits of Moorea

From fruit to juice

Fruit factory and distillery

Feeling thirsty? Then stop off at the fruit factory and distillery of Moorea where you can taste some local drinks, in particular the famous jus de Painapo.


The Tahitian word « painapo » is a derivative of the English word « pineapple ».

Visit and tasting

Sky beginning to cloud over? Then why not raise a glass of fruit juice or spirits to toast the end of the day’s sunbathing?

The place to go is the local fruit factory at Cook Bay in Moorea, which you’ll find at the foot of Mount Rotui, close to Piha’e’ina. And just next door there’s a rum distillery, where you can observe the production process and try something a little stronger.

You can watch the most delicious variety of pineapple of them all, the Queen, being transformed into fruit juice or into the famous Brut d’ananas, a unique sparkling pineapple wine! The fruit are carefully selected, then prepared and bottled in the factory. And of course, don’t leave without tasting some of the delicious products! Jams and fruit juices, rums and wines… Manuia !

Taste the local fruit

Tropical flavours

Take advantage of your stay in The Islands of Tahiti to taste the local fruit. Limes from the Marquesas Islands,...